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A collection of papers presented before the Lodge over the earliest years of Research Lodge of Colorado​

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A collection of papers presented before the Lodge over the earliest years of Research Lodge of Colorado. ​

Papers include :

Missing Numbers - The Extinct Lodges of Colorado. Clark, George B

Time. Evans, Clarence E

Introduction to the History and Development of Monitors and Craftsmen. Carter, Gilbert

Whence Came We? Clark, George B

Philosophy for Masons. Rees, Humbert

Relationship of Freemasonry to Religion. Barnes,  C. Wheeler

Influences on the Design of King Solomon's Temple. Lewis, William S

The George Washington National Masonic Memorial. Clark, George B

Masonic Light. Hedblom, E E

Colour. Evans, Clarence E

Committee on Philosophy Quartery Report. Rees, Humbert

Symbolism No. 1. Van Buskirk, Luther

Lodge Room Over Simpkins' Store. Clark, George B

The Attentive Ear - The Instructive Tongue. Collins, Victor

Brief Resume of the History of Geometry from Ancient Egypt until About 200-300 BC. Anderson, Eugene L

Colorado College SRICF. Orris, James R

Reading on Relation of the Arab Culture & the Religion of Islam to Freemasonry. Shelby, Kamiss M

The Masonic Apron. Rees, Humbert

The Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests. Ilchman, Fred W

The Mysteries of Adonis as to Historical Freemasonry. Scott, Howard D

The Working Tools. Walker, J Ralph

The Hiramic Tradition. Clark, George B

Lodge of Research. Jameson, Albert E

Masonic Allusions in the Finnish Poem. KalevalaWay, Ivan M

Masonic Scrap Books. Van Buskirk, Luther

Function of Masonry in Our Lives. TheNeihardt, Melbern M

On the Dedication of Temples. Rees, Humbert

Colonial Masonic History. Clark, George B

Charity. Rumin, Carl W

Time for Reflection. Hughes, C Ralph

Masonic Trials. Rees, Humbert

Seven Branched Candlestick or the Menorah. Van Buskirk, Luther

Variations in the Lesser Lights in Our Grand Jurisdictions. Merrick, Gordon R

Dignity. Clark, George B

For the Service of God and a Distressed Worthy Brother. Venditti, Dom P

Jerusalem (The Cause of Many Massacres). Shelby, Kamiss M

Masonry and the Present World Crisis.  Lee, Olin P

Lost or Forgotten, Which?  Bagdigian, Bagdasar K

Our Masonic Presidents.  Hoffman, James R

I - G - Y. Anderson, Eugene L

A digital version of our booklet "Freemasonry and the Church," summarizing the history of the Church's anti-masonry and the origins of the Luciferian Conspiracy. 24 pages, 8.5 x 5.5.



Freemasonry and the Church (digital version)